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    Cool Looking to buy advertising for my Wrestling/UFC/Pride/MMA site

    I have $10 paypal I'm looking to buy some advertising with. Hit me up.

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    over 6200 uniques last month and over 2000 so far this month. The site has over 100,000 page views a month.

    I have both text and banner links available for 10.00 a month. Check out the site to see the positioning and let me know if you need any stats and or if you are interested.
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    Top banner on

    - 4746 unique visitors last month.
    - 337957 hits last month.
    - PR3 this PR is for the forums.
    - 1646forum members with 24527 posts.
    - 3,510 indexed pages on google.

    You can view the stats here

    Advertising options
    - 468*60 banner on all forum pages, $10 per month. [A max of 5 banners in rotation]
    -Footer 728*90 banners are sold at $7 per month (will replace the google banner) [a max of 5 banners will be in rotation]
    -120*60 banner under affiliates on the side panel $4 per month.
    -Text links under Partner links are available for $3 per month.
    -Site wide text link on the forums footer are available for $5 per month.

    Let me know if your interested.


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    Advertise On My Refrigerator! $10 gets you your own "Word" magnet. Perhaps the word "Wrestle", or wrestling. It can either appear as a link, or not. When a user clicks on it, it opens a new page to your URL.

    Normal rate is $10/mo. I'll give ya 3 months for $10. PM me ifyour interested.

    Have you considered Semi-dedicated Hosting? 4 - 8 accounts per server. Less overhead than VPS, better performance for the price. - 15,000 New Domains a day. indexed by Pagerank, backlinks, Hits, and Length.

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    Our Site is target to the Yought & Teens Entertainment & Music & Forums with over 22,000+ members out there

    We got over 4000 unique visitors/daily with is nearly to 100,000 unique/monthly. From USA, Canada is the most and all over the WORLD!.

    For Banner impressions about 10,000 daily. (over 200,000+ impressions/month)
    Average Banner Clicks: 60+ Unique/daily
    PR5 on with over 40,000 search results
    and good statistic on

    Check out our policy & cost/plans that are will suitable for you.
    We also doing a custom plan, so contact me online
    and our live statistic for preview in that page

    If you are interesting, please send me a PM or

    Live Chat - AIM: AnhCoDon503 or Yahoo! VietVoiceNet

    Best day.

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    Do you already spent that $$??

    If not take a look at my Christmas thread:

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