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    FS: Price Reduced

    Aloha All,

    We started this venture as a new brand, and planned on eventually branching it off as a 2nd company - but, we simply don't have the time for it, so we're putting it up for sale.

    Here is what the sale includes:


    -Complete web site design - simple, but effective

    -OWNED ClientExec License Included ($249 value)

    -OWNED Lifetime Interworx Control Panel license. (Another $249 value)

    -No customers included.

    As far as traffic, it is getting about a dozen hits from Google and Altavista per day. We advertised it in Adwords briefly, which resulted in a lot more traffic.

    We'll also include a free merchant account through our partner e-onlinedata and a free Enom Reseller account for the new owner to use. ($8.99 reseller account)

    This would be a great site to take and build on for someone who's just starting out, or who wants to grow their business.

    BIN for $450 or make an offer. Please post or send bids via email - post questions here, so all may benefit from the answers. :-)

    Thanks - Brian
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    so your selling a website and a couple lisences? how well has this website generated clients for you in the past?
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    I think you should have to submit your license to the helpdesk for validation.

    Good luck!
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    OWNED ClientExec License Included ($249 value)?

    Since when is CE $249...latest price on the site is $125 for an owned license. Not to mention, there is a $25 fee you need to pay to CE for a transfer of license.

    And the Interworx Control Panel lifetime is $294. ($249 is the yearly license).

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