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    FreeBSD5.4 + Tomcat 5.5 +Cpanel10.8 Problem

    My server is FreeBSD5.4, with Cpanel10.8,

    when i try to install tomcat in whm control panel. it always show error and stop installing. the error msg is something like " ... lack of Sun Microsystem support ..."

    then i have no choic, i install tomcat manually by myself by SSH.

    firstly, i try many times,
    in this FreeBSD, cannot install java jdk1*-***-linux version. i search the web, somebody said need to change linux-base from linux-base-8 to linux-base-7 or 6 ( i dared not to do it). (port installation)

    then i just install jdk14 directly (port installation). this time i can install it successfully. and it alos run properly.

    after that, I user port install to install tomcat5.5 , sucessfully as well. now tomcat5.5 can work as well.

    howerver, this server is supposted to be a web hosting server with WHM install.
    in this case, how to enable domain to run jsp/servelt script (of course in their own web space)?

    btw, i installed mod_webapp module as well. but i dont know how to configure it?

    is there anybody can give me some suggestion?

    thanks very much

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    If you want java - you need linux.

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