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    * [Wanted] free enom reseller account

    Is a response within 24 hours too much to ask for ?
    I have applied at 2 websites offering enom reseller accounts which claimed they will setup the account within 2-8 hours.
    Its been 2 days and no response.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a free enom reseller account (free as in no setup fee)
    Cost per domain for .com should be less than or equal to $8.95
    I am aware that due to enom's policy, if you offer less than $8.95, it will be in the form of a rebate.
    Most importantly, it should allow full access to the enom API.
    I will not consider your offer otherwise.
    Please do not respond if you can't setup the account and provide support responses within 24 hours of me providing all the required details.


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    I can set-up an enom account for you with $8.95 pricing for .com/net/biz/us/info/org registrations/renewals and transfers.

    very reputable in the business

    you can also go to
    complete the form and mail from your email client or pm your profile info to me

    Thanks Domain Names * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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