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    would someone mind doing this for me - it's real easy...

    i don't have any graphics software and that's why i'm having to request this. i was wondering if someone could light up this picture of my sister in law.

    thank you in advance.


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    Here you go:

    Hope its a little better.
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    thank you

    thanks stickman and zzpcpzz, those look great! i appreciate it.

    much much better.


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    uh...i forgot something

    would you mind cropping that baby's head out of the picture for me please.

    i'd like to let you know that I've already done that to a picture of myself and since I don't have a good graphics program, the colors got all messed up. could you fix it for me please?

    the original picture is here:

    and the part that i did turned out like this:

    would you mind i guess cropping it again with your wonderful graphics program and make me a good size for the web, i guess maybe something like 100 x 100 or around there.

    thank you again in advance. i do appreciate your great help.


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    Here's another attempt. Not terribly in focus, I'm afraid, but it's the best I could get from that original.
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    looks good...

    yeah the image is already a little fuzzy, but with the little bit that everyone does, makes it look awesome.

    thank you, can you read my other requests? hee hee.


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    hold on hold on hold on

    man, ok ok, i promise just one more request.

    could you lighten this one up too? and that's it: (promise)

    thank you thank you thank you


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    hey, thank you, i look sho much better.

    thanks alot.


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