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    LayeredTech & DedicatedPlace Disaster...

    I mean, I know may be I can't blame on DedicatedPlace but my server, which is from DedicatedPlace (which LayeredTech is their provider) is down for whole night (over 8 hours now) and the first two reply I got from DedicatedPlace was that they said datacenter told them the server disk was crashed and unrecovered.

    Now they said they are waiting for LT to restore the OS with a new disk and then DP will restore the stuff from remote backup. And it's over 8 hours since that email I got. DedicatedPlace still ignoring my support tickets...

    I really hope to see things get back fine......please, DP, LT...
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    These types of things happen, and it's part of running a server. Posting a forum thread about it, which could potentially damage the reputations of LayeredTech and DedicatedPlace for no reason, is not the most responsible thing to do. If anything, wait until the issue is resolved, and THEN post a review of their handling of the matter.
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    I think WHT should have a trash forum where members can post rants that get deleted soon after. That might solve some problems regarding unnecessary posts and the posters will still benefit from knowing they posted something.

    alec_t, if you can, please update this post after your issue is resolved so we can judge whether or not this issue was fairly handled.

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    Cyanox your on to something. Basic rules should still apply but at least we wouldn't have to hear from people who are freaking with an 8 hour delay to restoration.

    It can and will take longer than that in many cases.
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    As far as I know LT has no SLA on hardware replacement so you will have to wait however long it takes. Could be 2 hours could be 24+ hours. No point in getting mad, LT and most providers service servers in a a first come first serve manner. So if there are 3-4 os reloads before you it could take 2-3 hours per server to get to you.

    I don't believe LT uses Disk Images and prefers to do a fresh OS from the latest version OS.

    I've had 2 OS reloads from LT before and both were done quite quickly.

    One was a disk failure that they diagnosed within 30 mins of me submitting the reboot request, they began the replacement/OS reload within a few mins of me confirming the swap/reload. I don't recall how long it took to get it done as I wasn't around to monitor it (low priority server). But everything was fine after that.

    The second reload was due to a corrupted OS, it took a couple days of TTs to diagnose the server as it was still partially working. It finally did fail and had to be reloaded. LT did this fairly quickly if I recall.

    Bottom line is if you want priority support/hardware replacement you'll have to pay for it and LT doesn't provide that kind of service as they are a value provider.

    Good luck, I'm sure LT will have your server back online very soon.

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    alec_t, 24 hours is the norm for OS reloads especially for budget ones like in this instance.

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    Restoration take a while, plus if they are pulling a backup from remote location that will also take some time. Just remember you get what you pay for. You are paying for a budget provider, you will get budget time frames. If what you are doing on a server is very important, then you should have name brand hardware, at least mirrroring of drives, or Raid 5 or Raid 10. A Local drive with backup on it and a remote location with backup on it. Or for a cheaper way of doing it have a backup hosted account that you have mqsql dumps and or rsync to keep everything in place and use a failover service like dnsmadeeasy to move your traffic over.

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    As they said, Hardware Replacements, OS Reloads takes time, and as per our records, the reload of your OS was even faster than most of the OS Reloads done before. You are lucky, that your budget plan have a Free Daily Remote Backup at least you are not a total lost. What if no backup at all? This thing happened, that is why there are better options for you such as Raid 1 if you want to be online asap when your hard drive crashed.


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    Hi Charles,

    After receiving your mad email regarding to this post, I think I should come here and state the conclusion anyway.

    Yeah, I do believe you are not happy to see this post, but what can I do when server was down and all I got from you is a "your disk was crashed, data is unrecoverable, we will install OS and data from remote backup" and nothing else for 6, 7, 8 hours. May be I needed more details from you but client's complaints emails already made me lost.

    Anyway, I appreciate you restore some of my data up. I guess I was too over-relying on "managed" service where I thought it was safest and I didnt have to worry about hardware and performance issues, but looks like I was wrong anyway. Guess, I would say it's all bad luck then.
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    Bad luck, you can say that :-)

    If hardware fail, there is nothing you can do but to wait for replacement/OS reload, etc...

    Managed doesn't mean "no more failure".
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    Unless specific problems during an new installation of an OS on a brand new drive, there is no reason it should take 8 hours.

    At most on even a celeron based system, you can be up and running with a fresh copy of Cent OS is at least three to four hours.

    If it does take longer than necessary, it is at least a good idea to keep the client updated on the hour, if nothing else to reassure you are working.

    I see nothing wrong with posting in here, it at least lets people know what to expect in the case of a drive failure such as this.

    If anything, people can learn from this thread it will take at least 8 hours, and they can inform their clients that in the event of an outage, it may take up to 8 hours for a restore. That way everyone from the sever owner to their clients are informed.

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    An OS reload should not take 8 hours assuming everything goes perfect but there are many catch 22's in the hosting business. What you also have to remember is part of that time was probably spent trying to recover that data and resolve the issue without starting from scratch on the server. So the server might have been offline for 8 hours but how much of that time was spent troubleshooting and trying to see if that data could be recovered. That time and effort goes unnoticed because the server ended up needing a reload but would not have if they got the server fixed. When a customer has a server offline it is best to keep them as informed as possible since you know they are probably in panic mode but typing up every little thing you are doing can also take the techs time away from actually resolving the issue. I am not saying things were done perfectly here I just want to point out that it can be a double edged sword sometimes.

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