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    Exclamation I really need help any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


    I am new to this and i really need help to setup a mambo web page and i need it to look something like this test page i have setup at
    I am using MK portal but i have no need for a forum so can anyone help me.
    the 2 most important things i need is my custom navbar to be included in the header and my current header.

    I don't want many blocks all i want is something that is easy for club administrators to post club news and images can anyone help me

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    sorry amigo but that page doesnt open for me, duno about anyone else..


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    im not sure i understand what you need.. why cant you just use that page and edit the images?

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    i am not sure how to edit the mambo page what i want to do is to add the custom navbar i created to the from page and to change the images around and colors too.

    Sorry i am new at this.

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