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    Needed: A Helpdesk Modification: Perl, MySQL. $150

    Hi there,

    Here are the specifications for the project:

    Payment: $150 US dollars by PayPal or check.

    Overview: We need a small aspect of our helpdesk changed. Our helpdesk is a typical ticket-oriented helpdesk made using MySQL and Perl. When a person sends an email to the helpdesk, and then replies (to our response) from a different e-mail address, the helpdesk system rejects the reply since that e-mail address "doesn't have access to the ticket". We want this changed so that any e-mail address can reply to the ticket.

    - Developer must be a Canadian or US citizen.
    - Developer must have at least 1 phone reference (provided after we contact you).
    - Developer must be able to be contacted by phone. Anyone interested must provide a phone number or their response will be ignored.

    Strict Expectations:
    These are required for payment.
    - ESSENTIAL: Progress reports on all Wednesdays and Fridays until project is completed. (If no progress was made, then that must be indicated in a progress report.)
    - 3 week maximum timeframe. (This project could likely be done in 1 day.)
    - Any source code that is changed must be backed up with .b4email00mod.bak
    So, would back up to
    - Full test of the modification plus a demonstration over the phone.

    The modified source code, working with the current helpdesk install. Source code changed must be surrounded by comments so modifications can be found, ex:

    If a bug is found in your code within 3 months of our payment to you, you are expected to fix that bug free of charge, within up to 10 hours of labour.

    Other similar jobs will be available if you are able to do a good job and follow the specifications above.

    PM me if you are interested. You should include your time zone and a good time to call. Progress reports are essential. Even if no progress is made, that must be indicated. You must not 'ignore' the job.

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    Thank you to all who applied. Someone has been chosen. The project is already in the testing phase.

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