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Thread: Domains.

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    These domains, are the ones that I currently own and am interested in selling.

    They might be sold on Ebay or might be sold on WHT ( )

    Here they are;
    omgwtfpwnt(domain range)
    omgwtfbitch (domain range)

    All of these domains are still clear with all spam lists and in superb use with only being used minmally. No bad items on it.

    Might come with free month of hosting.

    Tell me if these would be good to put in the WHT sales thread.

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    I would think at most they would cost 10 bucks each. I doubt anyone is looking for those names. Sorry.

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    registration cost or close to.. its fun and 1337 and haxor and all, but really hard to develop a site like that.

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