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    WHM Blacklist queries


    I have a dual Xeon running WHM. Would anyone let me know the following:

    1. Does leaving boxtrapper ON create any blacklisting issues or other problems?

    2. How to find out if reverse DNS has been setup correctly (to prevent getting blacklisted)?

    3. Whis is the best (but not over aggresive) free blacklist to use for Exim conf?


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    Issue no. 2 posted above has been dealt with.

    Would appreciate any help /suggestions for points 1 and 3.


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    1. Boxtrapper wouldnt create any blacklisting as I know of

    3. You may try with Spamcorp and Spamhaus and DSBL, pretty much in discarding unlegitimate mails.

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    Sounds good. I have decided to start on a less aggresive note and use spamhaus and ordb.

    On a WHM box would adding the following lines in EXIM config be sufficient? Or any other changes required?

    rbl_domains =
    rbl_domains =


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    Yes. Exactly that way you have mentioned.
    rbl_domains =
    rbl_domains =

    To check id reversedns is setup for an IP paste the IP in Rev Dns column od

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    Sounds Cool

    1. No other changes required in Exim Conf except this?

    rbl_domains =
    rbl_domains =

    2. WIll my domains hosted on this server still be able to send out mails to those people blacklisted in ORDB and Spamhaus?

    3. Does anyone know if it would be possible to see Mail-Rejected Logs of Exim after adding this setting?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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