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    Extract the status of domains

    How can I extract for a cron, justly the status of domains from registrars?, with the DBs of a whois script

    I know PHP, but I would like, you give me a lot of ideas about this


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    I am using mwhois , but also I will use the API of Enom

    Somebody knows which is the variable of the status?

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    Ok, I found the variable for the status,

    But How I can get all the list of domains from the DataBase registers???, for example

    What type of DataBase are these?

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    You can't get them from internic.

    If you want to get the TLD zones files you can fill a form at then send it filled by fax. They should give you a unique username / password to be able to download those files (database). You'll have to download them day after day after day to be up to date.

    There may be an alternative solution for your problem, be more specific about what you want to do.


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