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    Who can provide customer support?

    I have a large group of several hundred people to whom I'm confident that I can sell hosting services. I have a fair understanding of the business aspects of the hosting business and don't mind any necessary capital investment. However, I'm not qualified to provide customers with quality technical support. Do you have any suggestions on who can provide quality technical support?? Any hosting resellers that include technical support to the end user?? Advise would be appreciated.

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    Well normally when you sign up for a reseller plan YOU receive the support from your upstream and in turn you would provide the support to your end customer.
    Im sure some companies would make exceptions though and you might also search for third party support companies or even check in the running a hosting business forum here:
    I would highly recommend though checking out your potential host thoroughly.
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    some hosting providers provide anonymous end user support. not sure exactly on who do and who doesnt doing a search will proably come up with more than a few results
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    Check out as they have done an excellent job of working with our clients. They are in India and are very affordable yet have a very competant and caring staff. Talk to Rahul as he is the General Manager there. I have had very good experiences with them.
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    Only a few hosts will offer branded support to your clients, but they are out there for sure, a quick search may turn some of them up., Superb Cpanel Web Hosting.
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    resellerzoom enables you to just patch your support e-mails to their help desk.

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    You can outsource your support to a 3rd party company instead of it being with your hosting provider. For example, provides a budget plan for under $70 per month.

    You need to consider the problem that by looking for a host that provides support for your customers too, you will be limiting the scope of companies you can choose. You might not get the best reliability or support.

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