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    EV1 Servers: Poor Support

    I must say that the support that we've experienced with EV1 today is terrible. It is lucky that we rarely have any server or network issues with EV1, because when there is a problem, good luck getting it fixed.

    I contacted support through their online ticketing system, but never get e-mails notifying me of replies, which is a major issue. You have to keep checking for a response; even though our contact information is up-to-date.

    In any event, our server is unreachable today with a "Destination Unreachable" error which seems to imply a routing issue. However, we were told that it was a power supply (PSU) problem and to wait for it to be replaced. Well, after waiting and occassionally checking their messaging system for a reply, we found that they completed the job. We then checked the server and received the same error (big surprise). The interesting thing is that they CLOSED THE TICKET without verifying that the server was in fact still down.

    I then tried the online chat support, which was good until I said that I needed to speak with someone urgently. I was told to e-mail Joe and wait for a response, to which I replied that we had already been down almost 2 hours and no progress was being made to resolve our issue. I then asked for a phone number or for someone to contact me directly; it was then that Christopher A conveniently ended the chat session without a word!

    I must say that the overall level of network and server reliability has been second to none, but their technical support is not good at all.
    Pete Howell
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    i guess it sorta depends on your luck. sometimes you get a good tech who really knows what hes doing and sometimes you dont...
    Ben S.

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    I do apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Please send me your RS/ES number or trouble ticket number either through a Private Message or e-mail our Customer Care team at [email protected] and I will personally coordinate the assistance that you need to get this server up and running properly.

    In the event that if you feel that our regular support avenues are not efficiently handling your issue properly in the future, please do e-mail our Customer Care and I can ensure you that we'll try our absolute best to recognize and take the immediate steps to get a full resolution on your server.

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