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    Hosting on Linux

    Is it a good idea to start a hosting company, that your servers run on SUSE linux? right now I have SUSE linux 10 on my servers, should I change to another linux? and is vsftod a good FTP server for hosting? if not whitch one is good?

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    Why are you starting a hosting company if you aren't even sure which distro to use?

    Use the search tool, this has been debated before..

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    Well i thout maby you guyes can tell me witch one is good for long term. Because I dont want to run into problems later on

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    Go with what is popular in your environment. RH/Centos/Fedora seems prevalent in North America, Suse very popular in Europe. However, you should know your distro.
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    Thanks for your reply

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    The OS distro you go with should be heavily influenced by your choice of control panel. Many people use Centos (free redhat) these days, but SuSe has lots of followers too.

    The more complex decision is which control panel. They all have their ups and downs. Cpanel is the de-facto standard (most common), but can be unstable; others such as DirectAdmin and Plesk are catching up these days. There is a LOT of discussion about this in this board, read up on that before asking further.

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