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    Get paid $100 every month just to manage my server.

    Hello, i am looking for a server admin who can do some things for me:

    1) Manage my server. Be online when i have technical issues and resolve them quickly.
    2) Be able to optimise my existing setup to make it as efficient as possible. This may include installing a new http server instead of apache.
    3) Be trustworthy and have existing experince in server management.

    My server is a sempron 2.8, 1gig ram, whm / cpanel running @ 30mbs. The website i run has an alexa rank of 15k and serves mainly videos. If you are interested in the job please email doctor.testosterone[at]

    Thanks !

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    What OS are you running?

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    emailed you for OS information

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    We are a team of 5 with linux administration and security auditing and windows expertise for the past 3 years.

    Worked with one of the most leading support providers and then as freelancers, we have started our own station and now we are taking up any kind of server related issues.
    You can submit any server related job and then test us and then take up our service as server support team.

    We are confident enough to take up any server related issues.

    Please visit our website www dot and check out more details please.

    You can contact us at [email protected]

    Support Terminal Staffs

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    Have you already found a person or organization to do this work for you? If not, feel free to contact me via forum PM, AIM, or email.

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    OS is freebsd. Can you please contact me on AIM my addy is Dr Testosterone. The main site that you will be managing is thats**** (Adult content, be warned)

    The current problem is in regards to system load and mysql usage. It may be a server problem or a script problem, either way i need that sorted asap. Please get in contact. **** hit the fan over the last fews days and i lost a good chunk of revenue so i need someone who knows what there doing to come over and help me out this sticky situation im in.


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    I'm an experienced sysadmin on freebsd, but my question is - what sort of support do you expect for $100 a month ($100 is less than 3 hours of my time)? How has your mysql installation been compiled (direct from ports?). Which version of FreeBSD are you running ?

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