We posted this offer on the 25th of october. We thank everyone who expressed their interest in this offer and posted enquiries with us. We are re-posting the offer for those of you who missed this the last time. Only 10 days remain before the offer closes, so do hurry up!!. Thanks once again.
InstaCarma.com :: Discount offer (WHT special)

Warm greetings to the WHT community. This is Arun from InstaCarma.com and I take pleasure in announcing a WHT special offer that we are running starting 25th Oct, lasting 3 weeks (Offer will close on the 15th of Nov).

Our company has recently been accredited EOU status under CSEZ, thus allowing tax exemptions. We would like to share our success and joy with the WHT family by announcing this offer.

We're not regulars at WHT, but we do recognize and respect WHT's role in ensuring some visibility to our company in its more nascent stages. We thank the community and would like to give something back by offering a 15% discount on ALL signups during this offer period. The discounted billing rates will hold good for the first 5 months after signup.

We have also decided to come up with such WHT specials more regularly, so that those who miss the bus can avail similar offers in the future.
About InstaCarma :

- Website : InstaCarma.com. We're a division of Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India.

- Carmatec is a profit making, debt free, private limited company. With the new tax exemptions awarded to us under CSEZ, our corporate health has improved further.

- Large, reputed and referencable client base. (http://instacarma.com/clienttestimonials.html). Note : The testimonials represent only a subset of the client base.

- InstaCarma's revenues have doubled in the past 1 year. The revenues have more than tripled within the past 2 years. And these translate to some very good figures, considering the fact that even as early as the first half of 2003, we had an enviable client list that consisted of a couple of large hosting companies with 20000+ websites, a reputed datacenter and a clutch of smaller hosting firms (some of our earliest clients).

- Our clients grow with us. For an example in point, A client who was billed $y when he started out with us, now pays $20y. Examples such as this one can be supported with actual proof and the clients in question are referencable. Most of our clients have grown very admirably with our support.

- At least 60% of our growth can be attributed to word of mouth publicity and referrals, indicating a high degree of client satisfaction.

- Our client attrition rates are extremely low. And we have even had clients returning to us. All this speaks volumes of the quality of service.

- Our sister concern, EduCarma is a full fledged open source training business. We always get extremely well trained human resource from here. This also cuts down deployment costs, and the benefits are passed onto our clients. It also ensures we always have a pool of well trained human resource with relevant, specific skills available to us.

- We support over 2000 servers, which roughly translates to half a million websites.


To avail the above offer, kindly contact our sales personnel at http://instacarma.com/SalesEnquiry.html. Please mention this thread id in your message to sales.


1) The WHT special offer is not to be confused with any of the other offers we currently run. Also, our offers advertised on other
channels cannot be clubbed with this offer. This offer is exclusive to WHT.

2) All sales enquiries need to be directed to our sales department. WHT is not our preferred channel for answering enquiries and service related questions. E-mail, and our sales contact form are the best ways to reach sales.

Thank you.