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    Cast-Control Shoutcast Administration Program

    Cast Control is a full-featured shoutcast server management system that can be run on any server that has apache installed. It runs on either windows or linux, and can do many more things than most shoutcast administration programs today. It is open source, hosted by SourceForge, so you can modify it to suit your needs.

    The reason Cast-Control was developed was to give shoutcast streamers a way to control their servers, instead of using painful remote shell commands and spending hours cursing their machines.

    Here are a few updates on the details of our soon-to-be release.

    Here is a current feature list:

    • Start/Stop servers
    • Manage all server details
    • Front Page News/Headlines System
    • Public Server viewing System
    • Contact/Private Message System
    • Integrated Server Status function
    • Full User/Administrator/Super Administrator permissions system
    • Fully featured User Management System
    • Fully featured Server Management
    • Bitrate Monitoring System
    • Simple Templating System to customise it for yourself

    System Requirements:
    • FTP/Upload
    • Shell Access
    • Apache Server with PHP
    • MySQL Database

    All this comes bundled in a very nice looking interface, screenshots can be found here.

    More can be found here.

    To my knowledge, this will be the most extensive and fully featured shoutcast server management tool available at the moment, and it will also be free.

    Release date will be within a few weeks, more details soon.

    Tell your friends, since Cast Control will be free there are no limits to what you can do with it! just make sure you give us credit for what we have done.

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    This looks cool...could you PM me when it's done please?

    thanks, tom
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    You can join the mailing list here

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    For those of you who have not subscribed to the mailing list, here is the updated features list etc.

    I. Detailed Feature List
    II. Requirements

    I. Detailed Feature List

    This feature list is an up-to-date list of everything that will be found in Cast Control beta version 0.12, due to be released on the 21st of november, 2005.

    Please note that Cast Control has been in developement for some months now, and this will be the very first stable release. Previous beta versions of Cast Control will not be publicly available for security reasons.
    • Start/Stop servers
    • Manage all server details
    • Front Page News/Headlines System*
    • Public Server viewing System
    • Contact/Private Message System*
    • Integrated Server Status function*
    • Full User/Administrator/Super Administrator permissions system
    • Reseller accounts*
    • Fully featured User Management System
    • Bitrate Monitoring System*
    • Very secure login features
    • Simple Templating System to customize it for yourself*
    • Simple Installer

    * note: feature will be improved or included in future versions. See below for more details.

    1. Start/Stop Servers

    Cast Control allows the user/administrators to start and stop their servers at any time, with complete ease. Instead of typing a lengthy command in shell (i.e. './sc_serv /home/user/sc_serv'), it can all be done with the push of a button. When viewing the servers there are functions to view the current status of the server (number of listeners, bitrate etc), manage the server and start/stop it.

    2. Manage all server details

    Any feature of any shoutcast server can be modified using Cast Control's simple user-friendly interface.

    3. Front Page/News Management System

    A news headline system has been integrated straight into Cast Control, so that you can share the latest news with your server administrators and dj's. In future versions its functionality will be improved for more intuitive use.

    4. Public Server viewing System

    With Cast Control, there is an added option for every server to be publicly viewed from the control panel's homepage via a direct link on the left. When clicked on, it will lead you to that radio stations information page. This can be used to raise publicity as well as keep track off all of your radio stations.

    5. Contact/Private Message System

    There is a contact system for server problems and the like, which will be expanded in future versions to include a fully functional private messaging system. Also, automated warnings and updates will be implemented in future versions.

    6. Integrated Server Status function

    Instead of using the ugly black default screen provided by shoutcast to share information about a radio station, we have developed a replacement, which will also be expanded in future versions to include more things such as current song, time connected etc.

    7. Full User/Administrator/Super Administrator permissions system

    We felt that it was important for you to be able to control your user/administrator permissions, and so we have taken steps to include a detailed permissions system. The super administrator has access to every single option in every Cast Control installation. The second level of administration is the standard Administrator. Permissions can be set for the administrator by the super administrator and includes everything in the shoutcast configuration file. Then there is the standard user, who has control over most aspects of their server (can also be changed) except the critical things such as bitrate, user count, etc.

    8. Fully featured User Management System

    Cast Control features a user administration system of three levels, Super Administrator, Administrator and User. Permissions are outlined above. These three levels allow hosts and radio managers alike to run very dynamic control panels to suit almost any need.

    9. Bitrate Monitoring System

    Cast Control features a very stable and secure bitrate monitoring system, whereby if a user is over their allowed bitrate for more than a minute then they will be cut off and suspended for an amount of time (specified in settings). All of this is handled server side, so you don't have to worry about setting up any crontabs yourself. This system has undergone significant testing, but due to some minor problems it will not be featured in beta release 0.12.

    10. Very secure login features

    We understand that your server's shell access is very important to you, as well as the safety of your shoutcast servers and clients. Therefore we have implemented a secure MD5 hash in our login script, and put it through harsh beta testing to ensure its security. As always, we will always be on the lookout for security issues and provide quick updates as soon as they appear.

    11. Simple Templating System to customise it for yourself

    Cast Control will feature a templating system so that you can customize it to whatever your company’s colour scheme requires. This feature will not be included in the first version of Cast Control, as it requires a lot of testing and development, but will definitely be included in later versions. Something to look forward to!

    12. Simple Installer

    Every software application requires an easy installer, otherwise there is no way of passing stage one. We have developed a quick and easy installer much like any other content management systems, with a few differences.

    Well that’s it for the detailed feature list! If there is anything I have missed out you will be able to find it on our website which will be online within the next few weeks.

    II. Environment requirements

    Cast Control has several requirements that must be met before it can be run on web servers. They are fairly flexible, and most reasonable web hosts these days would definitely meet the requirements. The following is a detailed list of the system requirements.

    1. Unix/Windows

    As of now, Cast Control supports both windows and Unix/Linux based operating systems, although would work on any OS running a compatible version of shell that is similar to unix/linux.

    2. PHP

    PHP is required in order for Cast Control to work, also a web server is required but PHP requires a web server anyway.

    3. Shell Access

    If you are trying to run Cast Control on a web hosting account, make sure you have shell access, or else Cast Control will not work. This is checked by the installer anyway, so you don't have to worry too much about trying to find out if you have it or not. Most web hosts offer it for an extra fee which is usually pretty cheap.

    4. Access to Ports

    This Version of Cast Control does not support APF (Advanced Policy Firewall). If you are running APF then you can open a port range and use those ports, or open them one by one as you create servers. APF integration may be featured in future versions but it requires certain group root permissions, making it rather dangerous if Cast Control is hacked. Pretty much any port can be used. The same goes with Windows IIS, there may be compatibility in the future but you would probably be more comfortable doing it yourself.

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    Is this system support user Authentication ? like Steamcast
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    Each server owner has an account, which requires authentication using an md5 hash for security.

    Just a reminder, Cast Control is a completely free control panel, supported by donations. We are also looking for sponsors.

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    is it possible to have the option serverip while adding a server? I have multiple shoutcast servers running on one same physical machine, but on different ip's...

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    That function will be included in the 0.13 BETA release of Cast Control, please monitor the website for more information as i check it more regularly than this forum.


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    CAST Control Version 0.135 alpha has just been released,

    it contains major bug fixes as well as many feature updates and additions. Once it has been successfully alpha tested it will be moved to beta and from there to stable. It will be the first stable release of CAST Control.

    Version 0.14 will be released in a month or so, and will be a large update for CC. It will include many features that we have been putting off, such as paypal integration and much more!

    Check it out at

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    Hey, I am the writer of cast-control, partnered with ton1c.
    In response to chuanse': If the ip addresses are bound to your server, you should be able to access the shoutcast stream with any ip address.

    Btw, Cast-control stable has been released and is bug-free as far as we can tell.
    There are also some modifications i wrote to monitor incoming and outgoing bandwidth from the shoutcast server and also a mod to allow mass emailing to certain catagories, which i think you will enjoy.

    By the end of the month we are expecting to release the next version in the series, 1.4 (renamed/numbered versions) as a first alpha. This version is not recommended in a production line as of yet, as it is only an alpha release, but it does include a load of new features and upgrades.

    I hope you all enjoy this product and keep supporting this project by donations and helping others at our website at

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