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    Want some constructive criticism please! :)

    Hi ... some of you may know me, I'm Dani.

    I just redid my site (forums at ) and I would just love as much constructive criticism as you can possibly throw my way.

    I'm very discouraged by very very little user activity. What am I doing wrong? 99% of my members have never even posted more than once!

    Looking forward to lots of great helpful responses,


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    My first opinion is it looks very professional! Very minimalistic when it comes to the article on the front page.. maybe a little too?

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    You are actually the third person to tell me that there is a problem with the articles on the front page. I've been told they look like feeds from another site.

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    Firstly cscgal, I must say that its one very nice looking website. The layout is excellent and the color choice is just great.

    My thought would be that perhaps you shouldn't box your Featured Blog Entries into a box by itself but rather just separate them using a <hr> tag. That way, the Entries all won't look so isolated.

    Still a very well done site.

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    Thanks Biol! I appreciate the feedback

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    Well, folks, I tried playing around with the blogs on the homepage, but I just didn't like how they looked. So I'm back to the original look - I think that's the least of my worries

    Right now I'm trying to figure out how to promote my Internet Marketing section,

    Any ideas? It seems no one posts except to spam

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    Nice Website! Everything works fine with me (I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer)...

    Good Luck!,

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