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    confused??? different than

    Ok hopefully this is in the right area.

    if you go to you should see a nice layout in blue with a gear next to the logo - this is the correct site


    if you go to

    it shows a total different site ( it is the site it was before i revamped it) now the pafiledb.php that it's calling is not on the server i deleted that file so it should be showing a 404.

    I created a mod rewrite in a .htaccess to make sure that www is in the URL and if not it should redirect to

    im confused and im not sure why it's still showing there. is there something i need to do in the settings for the domain?

    I just bought the domain and the site 5 days ago and im worried it's a hack of some sort.

    Please help! =)

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    what control panel do you have? www is technically a subdomain, and unless a control panel sets up a domain correctly, will treat it as one.

    ask your host.

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    I use cpanel

    That makes sense, becuase there is a www folder and a public_html folder.

    I am a reseller so i am the one who set up the account using WHM

    when setting up the account where it asks for the domain i just put is that correct?

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    yes. however the www folder should have nothing to do with the subdomain.

    as i said, ask your host! if they can't help, maybe you need a new one.

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    Hmmmm.... They're appearing the same for me... Maybe a propagation issue?
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    I had the exact same problem with 2 domains that I bought from Yahoo on Monday. Sometimes one or the other would point to the right site and sometimes not. It took 2 days before both www and http both pointed consistently to the correct sites. I thought it was a Yahoo problem but you're having the same problem with your enom registered domain.

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