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    Some specific needs

    Hi All.

    I am looking for a reseller account that will provide me with:

    Unlimited (or at least 50) accounts
    The ability to have a customer sign up online (including register their domain name, sort of like eNom)
    The ability for the customer to pay me online
    The ability to offer "extra" services (like mail virus checking) on a per account basis

    HostGator looks pretty close. Are there any others? I have tried the "findmeahost" searches, but the eNom usually is not a choice.

    Much thanks to anyone who can help.


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    1. You'll need a paypal account.. I doubt anyone will offer you a merchant account to accept credit cards on, so you're on your own with that.

    2. With eNom, you'll need $100 start up to sell domain names. No matter if you got the account through a reseller or not.

    3. You may want to look into clientexec.. It's $5-7 a month (depending if you get it straight through them or through a reseller who has alot of licenses..

    And finally, good luck with your search

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    If your budget is right, i'm sure there should be no problem. Also, keep in mind the cheapest ends up the weakest, so be smart.
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    Here's what I'd suggest...

    1) Purchasing a reseller account from a reliable web hosting company. You can get some names from looking at this board then you can use the search feature at the top of the forum to find reviews about them.

    2) You should get Client Exec which integrates good with eNom. Client Exec can be found here -->

    3) You need to get an eNom account from an eNom ETP. IIRC, offers this. Have a look at them.

    4) Mail virus checking is actually a standard feature with most hosts (reseller hosts, in this case)...however, you shouldn't have a problem coming up with a different kind of add-on. Client Exec supports the billing for add-ons like this, so you're all set for that.
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    Thanks guys!
    Hostgator claims to provide a free eNom account??? Are they not telling the whole story??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougp25
    Thanks guys!
    Hostgator claims to provide a free eNom account??? Are they not telling the whole story??
    Many can provide you a free Enom Reseller account. You would normally then be able to buy .com domains at $8.95. As already said, you would still need to deposit $100 credit in order to start using thata ccount.

    As far as you original requirements go, this can be achieved by any Helm hosts that also provide Helm Autoreg.

    Helm has a built in billing system and you can take payments with a variety of processors like PayPal for example. There is also a facility to allow users to specify domains to register. When used with Helm Autoreg and an Enom account, these would then be automatically registered in realtime and totally administered via Helm.

    Most hosts would provide Virus checking all included but you have the ability to set up Extra Features in Helm for clients to purchase after their initial account creation.

    Helm is only for Windows though, so may not be suitable if you are after a Linux account.
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    Hostgator does provides free enom account.. but you need to refill your account to register domains (that's not any fees)..

    Also with hostgator you save on billing software cost..
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