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    Advertise on a race car!

    I am an amateur drag racer and being so it is a rather expensive endeavor, so I am currently selling ad-space on my race car.

    The prices are fairly reasonable so even the small companies can get exposure; incidentally I used to own a hosting business so I know how expensive advertising can get for the little guy.

    $250/month for a large banner covering both doors of the vehicle..
    $150/month for a banner on the front windshield.
    $60/month for a logo + banner on the rear windshield. (These are very small, about the size of 3/4 of a bumper sticker).

    There is no setup cost and this includes the designing of the stickers as well, unless you decide to provide your own design.

    All payments can be made through paypal and pictures will be provided within 1 week of receiving the vinyl stickers.

    For the first five people to get small logo + banners on my rear windsheild, I will only charge $40/month.

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    Where do you race
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    Do you have pictures of the vehicle?

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    MIR (Maryland International Raceway) (

    Sure I have some pictures of the car in street trim, when we took it out of storage last spring.

    This is what we did to burn off some extra gas we had in the tank......

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