Hello everyone

I have 5 solts available on a PR6 website, the website is http://post4hosting.com the website offers free and paid web hosting, gets anywhere between 2000 and 4000 uniques per month depending on how well our ratings go on other web hosting sites. Links will be placed at the footer of the main page.
We will only place 5 links, there wont be 20+ links like others do which degrades the quality of the links.

Price: $20/month only!

I also have five advertising opportunities available for you:

Post4Hosting has been providing free web hosting for more than 1 year, Advertising on our popular forums is available, only the top banners are rotated, we are currently ranked no.1 on MSN under this popular search term "Free linux hosting" we also appear on no.9 on yahoo for the term "free cpanel hosting"
here are the forum stats:

- 4746 unique visitors last month.
- 337957 hits last month.
- PR3 this PR is for the forums.
- 1646forum members with 24527 posts.
- 3,510 indexed pages on google.

You can view the stats here

Advertising options
- 468*60 banner on all forum pages, $10 per month. [A max of 5 banners in rotation]
-Footer 728*90 banners are sold at $7 per month (will replace the google banner) [a max of 5 banners will be in rotation]
-120*60 banner under affiliates on the side panel $4 per month.
-Text links under Partner links are available for $3 per month.
-Site wide text link on the forums footer are available for $5 per month.

url: www.post4hosting.com/forums

Website 2
Talkhomebusiness.com is a growing home business community, we have recently opened our advertising rates on this forum, the website has a PR3, most of the traffic that comes in are home business owners or people looking to start their home business, which makes it an excellent place to advertise a paid host.

Traffic details (Aug. 2005)
- 2254 unique visits.
- 236204 hits.
- PR4
- 649 indexed pages on Google with 37 back links

Banner advertising starts at $7 per month! for more information about the advertising rates please visit the advertising page here:

Website 3
We are currently only selling text links on this site, the website has a PR3, we are selling text link for $3 per month, they will be placed on the main pages of the website (3 pages) under "Recommended Websites"
Only 2 spots available.
url: http://www.yourjobconnection.com

Website 4

PR 4
$5/month per link

Website 5

PR 4
$5/month per link

Payments by paypal or 2checkout.com

Please pm me or reply to this thread if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading.