My name is Jesse and I am currently looking for a Technical Support position for a webhosting company working with levels 1/2. I am able to chats, phones, tickets, and anything else required to get the job done. I am looking for 40-48 hours per week, and atleast 1 day off. I am only looking for hourly/bi-weekly pay at this time as tickets can be unpredictable.

I have around 5-6 years experience in the webhosting industry and have major experience with CPanel, H-Sphere, Alabanza, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. I am very comfortable with command line commands to resolve various tasks on a server.

I am very reliable and can resolve everything in a timely manner. I am looking for a minimum of $10/hr (do not contact me for any less, remember that I am looking for full time, and my time would be dedicated to this company.)

During work hours, and off hours I can be contacted by my PDA, Cell Phone, and sidekick.

I will supply a resume upon request, please email saintagex [at] if your interested in hiring me. I will not let you down

Jesse Asklund