I am using a control panel by tcadmin.com and I figured I would let anyone else know who is in the market for a game panel to check them out. They have done alot of good things with their paenl and with the integration of modernbill it is a huge jump for the gaming industry. There arent really alot of game panels out there and even less that are worth mentioning.

here is the modernbill press release in full, and here are the links to some worthy articles


ModernBill introduces a TCAdmin Module for automated gameserver ordering.

(PRWEB) November 1, 2005 -- ModernGigabyte, LLC, a leading developer of automated and integrated billing solutions for hosting providers, and Balance Servers, producer of the TCAdmin game control panel, today announced support for TCAdmin in the latest build of Modernbill 4.3.2. The integration between ModernBill and TCAdmin represents a complete solution for Gaming Service Providers (GSPs), providing them a scalable and automated system for delivering product to their customers.

TCAdmin is the first GSP panel to have a built-in integration module within ModernBill. This will mean that GSPs will be able to completely automate the ordering, payment, fraud verification and service provisioning for game servers. This automation will significantly lower overhead costs of operating a GSP and improve the service delivery to game players everywhere.

Balance Servers found that the two products are very similar in their design. Both offer the flexibility to do things the GSPs own way, instead of forcing a method on their company. And both companies seem to have found out that by listening to their clients, and incorporating new features that their clients want, the software becomes even more flexible and appealing to new clients as well.

"With the release of the TCAdmin Module for Modernbill, we as a company can honestly say that Moderngigabyte and its staff are truly a great group of people to work with," said Balance Servers Co-owner, Kevin O'Donnell. "And we would fully encourage other companies to work with them as well."

ModernBill's order process has the ability to accept many additional variables that create package add-ons. When used with the TCAdmin module, the order process supports over 20 add-ons that let the GSP collect all of the required information from the customers and fully automate the order based on those variables. ModernBill supports every administrative variable found in TCAdmin. The system can automatically create, delete, suspend and unsuspend services based on payment or nonpayment.

"We have long felt that the game server market was underserved in terms of automation," said Jon McCarrick, Marketing Director for ModernGigabyte. "We believe this combined solution will create a change in the way these services are marketed and sold"

ModernBill with TCAdmin creates the first seamless independent system to fully automate the game server industry. This integration will permit thousands of ordinary hosting companies to enter the GSP market and permit existing GSPs to really grow their market.

About ModernGigabyte, LLC:

ModernBill by ModernGigabyte, Inc., offers an automated and integrated billing solution for Web Hosing Providers. It provides a modern interface and is completely Web capable. It can create and process invoices, batch charges with a variety of popular merchant gateways, and report many important accounting functions. It includes integrated order forms so that customers can easily use your product and it is integrated with popular registrars for automated domain registration. ModernBill offers billing solutions for over 15 control panels including TCAdmin. For more information about ModernBill, visit www.modernbill.com.

About Balance Servers:

Balance Servers is a recognized leader in game hosting control with its TCAdmin Game Hosting Control Panel software. Their software currently powers more than 3000 game and voice servers throughout the US, Canada and around the globe. Headquatered in Cushing, ME, they also have remote offices in Beverly, MA and El Salvador. Using mainly Microsoft technology, they provide a stable and feature rich software package to game service providers, which automates server creation, and game server management functions for end users. For more information on TCAdmin please visit www.tcadmin.com

Media Contact:

Jonathan Mccarrick
ModernGigabyte, LLC – Marketing Director
(502) 566-7754 ext 113

Kevin O’Donnell
Co-Owner / Marketing