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    Lightbulb Can anyone reccomend a server...

    Can anyone please recomend any websites offering servers which are good for Heavily MODded phpBB.

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    Just about any dedicated provider in existance can meet your needs.
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    If you could provide a little more detail as to the specifics your looking for , you would likely get some good reccomendations.
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    If it's really heavily modified, you may some money in the long run by having a SQL/PHP coder look at it and optimise the code.
    It's important to know your bandwidth requirements, how many users you get, and how you're getting on with your current system before we can recommend anything.
    A heavily modded forum with only 100 users will run fine on the lowest spec servers out there, but at 10,000 users you're looking to high end P4s and xeons.

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