Hello Everyone,

As you know, we offer Turnkey Web Stores. These stores offer various products depending on what you want to sell, be it Anime DVDs, Electronics, Jewelry, etc.

We have a basic design we use standard for each site, but what we'd really like to do is offer a choice of themes for each store. For example atleast have one custom theme for each type of site. An anime theme/layout for the Anime DVD Store, a Jewelry theme/layout for the Jewelry Store, etc. We'd like atleast one for each of our stores to start, and ideally will work our way towards having a selection of choices for each store.

We're looking for someone GOOD who knows what they are doing. You must have experience making CRELoaded templates and implementing them. We will essentially set you up with a copy of our version of the store (we've modified CRELoaded with our own contribs), and we will have you build the template/theme around it. We'll pay buy the theme/template, and if you are good, you'll get ALL the work, not just one template. We have plenty of work for you to do but I want to be impressed with both the quality and price you offer.

Contact me via PM, AIM, or Email:
AIM: RichardMSayer
Emai: [email protected]

Our stores www.turnkeywebstores.com/turnkey.php. Get an idea as to what we are all about prior to contacting me. If I sense that you are an idiot, I will not even bother working with you. I'd rather pay more and deal with someone competent, than deal with a 15 year old who is good in photoshop but can't communicate and has never worked with CRELoaded. You get the idea. Thanks!