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    DNS Zone Problems

    I need some help here.. I accidentally deleted the DNS Zone for a domain, and now the website is gone. After I already create the zone back, but it doesn't work anymore. The directory, database is still here.. but I can't create an account for that domain again... Any suggestion on what should I do?
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    What control panel are you using?

    When you say it doesn't work, can you elaborate?

    What happens when you try creating the account again? What error messages, if any, do you receive?

    Answers to this question will help us help you. Thanks!

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    How did you remove it? Did you accidentally delete the zone from /var/named ? Did you accidentally remove it via WHM? How did you try and recreate it?

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    Maybe itís just your Internet cache. If you've tried to access to your domain name after you've deleted the domain name, its maybe why it still not working. What is your domain name?


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