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    I need a good graphics guy to hire! Arcade site.

    What I need is a full home page layout for . I will then pay seperately for other pages that need to be made. Site should be available to be seen in a 800x600 resolution, no stretch please.

    Site navigation should include (nagivation doesn't have to be on the side. it can be split to maybe some on side some on top maybe the game categories on tabs at the top rest on the left hand side or statistics and search at top, etc.... just use your imagination)

    - statistics
    - "# of members and # of guests currently playing" with members names listed underneath
    - # of games
    - # of plays
    - __ days __ hours __ minutes and __ seconds spent playing
    - myArcade :: what this is basically if the user is not logged in, it will show a login form with a registration link. if user is registered then it should just give a table that will tell stats about the user such as champion of # games (i will do this part later)
    - links to following sections
    - tournaments
    - top rated games
    - new games
    - top players
    - statistics
    - search box
    - e-mail form so users can subscribe to get updates through their e-mail
    - myGames :: this is just a list of games that the user chose to put in his favourites

    Home page features
    - Game of the moment section with just room for a 50 x 65 game picture
    - Latest champions section (publishes the latest champions of games)
    - Latest games section (each game will just have room for a 50x65 picture, no text or anything)
    - current champions of the arcade section (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
    - touraments section :: # tournaments waiting for players , # of tournaments currently running, # of finished tournaments

    - header should somewhere in there have a place that says "random game" or "rand game" or whatever you can come up with so users can just click on it and go to a random game
    - room for a 728x90 banner
    - There should be a additional column for advertising beside the 800 table. (example sites: , ) so the people with 800x600 resolution don't even see this (no scroller either) but the people with bigger resolution see it.

    - should have a place for disclaimer, privacy link, network link, contact us and also affiliates (link exchange).

    Very similar features:

    light colours

    Arcade Sites:
    Arcade sites to get an idea of some features but some of these defiently don't look good enough. I don't want a copy of any of these sites. That's why i posted the good and the bad sites but they each have a feature i listed above

    I'm a big fan of tabs (maybe use that for categories) or for site navigation. The layout should be easy to add on in the future. So in the future if we want to add a poll this layout shouldn't require extensive modifing to do so.
    Big Fan: Icons for different categories

    HOW TO APPLY: Please send a e-mail to me either through the sitepoint form or my e-mail at milun.tesovic[-a-t-] with examples of your previous work.

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