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    Anyone else ever have problems with .info domains?

    I mean this in a "use" way rather than problems registering or looking after them.
    Due to my surname being the same as a US sporting goods manufacturer and here in the UK belonging to a trucking form I didn't have my pick of personal domain names.
    I own a few domains but wanted a "surname dot something" for my personal e-mail.
    Eventually my expired and I snapped it up - at last, a personal domain for my personal e-mail.

    A week or so ago I tried to order a new mobile phone online.
    I'd cancelled my contract with my old network and was starting new.
    I had to create an online account and to do so I had to specifiy an e-mail address.
    So, in went firstname at surname dot info
    It just kept on rejecting the order page.
    I gave the company in question a call and said I couldn't register an account.
    Reason - it's the .info e-mail address, you can't use one please use another address.

    A few months ago I tried to get the free upgrade from Windows XP 32bit to Windows XP 64bit from Microsoft.
    Filled in all of the pages I had to including my e-mail address but once again my order kept on getting rejected.
    Reply from Microsoft - sorry, we don't accept .info addresses.
    My .info address is actually my MS Passport/MS Connect username but it wouldn't accept it for a free software upgrade.

    Today I applied for a new credit card online - I wanted something to give me 12 months interest free on balance transfers.
    I think you know where this is going.
    Filled in all the forms only to have them rejected because of an "invalid" e-mail address.
    Once again another system that wouldn't take a .info domain name as an e-mail address.

    For Microsoft they got a rarely used .com and for O2 & The Halifax they were given a and these addresses were accepted.
    I've got no idea if it is 4 letter domain endings in general - if .name or any of the newer longer domain tails would also fail on their systems.
    Has anybody else experienced sites not accepting .info or domains that are longer than the three character tail or is it just bad luck I've had at three locations?

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    Love .info domains, but some email forms still REJECT them as being invalid - even though they have existed since 2001 - go figur'

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    Never had this as an issue. If they do proper validation they would recognize that .info is a valid extension
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    These companies are, quite simply, clueless and if I were you I would complain complain complain complain. You could compose a standard message, and send it each time someone rejects your entirely valid address.

    The URL you may want to point these companies to is:

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    yes, I had the same problem
    most automatic email checkers expect the extension to be 3 or 2 characters long
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    I have seen simple client side scripts only allow .com and .net, how dumb
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