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    * tektonic too bad ( scam )


    after i submitted cancel order to make
    tektonic cancel my VPS and they respond and cancel it

    they invoiced it next month 31.5$ automatic without my agreement

    I submitted ticket to their sales and they informed
    me that " they refunded the amount of $31.50 to my Visa Card "

    i didn't recive any thing for 1 month from tektonic
    So i submitted new ticket to ask them

    they told me " We refunded your money "

    i told them that I didn't got the amount
    and their reply was " The refund was processed "

    I don't know why invoice processor done successfully every month
    and refund processor failed

    tektonic scam
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    You were TERMINATED from our services due to excessive abuse complaints and excessive support tickets, you did not request to be canceled. We were nice enough to allow you access to your servers until 11/1/2005. Our billing system will generate & bill an invoice 2 days before renew date if one is on file. The billing person did not cancel your account and will have no problem refunding the charges processed today.

    Thank you for appreciating our sympathy towards you, I am certainly not sorry to see you go.
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    I didn't talk about TERMINATE my account in tektonic

    I talked about My third VPS which cancelled from few months

    about 31.5$

    Please look at this ticket


    Ticket #10386 - wrong invoice

    about invoice

    this VPS cancelled from more than 3 months
    why invoice greated ?

    last month you charge 31.5$
    with out my agreement
    and now you greated new invoice with no
    active service

    please cancel this invoice and
    charge back 31.5$ to my visa
    or you can add 31.5$ to my credit


    and your reply was

    I have refunded the amount of $31.50 to your Visa Card.
    Ryan M. Adzima

    Nothing refunded
    reply me about this issue not about another

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    As I told you many, many times, we DID refund your money, our authorization gateway verified this, all our records match up with this. If you have a problem with it, I suggest you contact your credit card company, again, as I have told you numerous times. If you would like to contact us further on this matter, please use our ticket system.

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    Many people on here recongize me as a "anti-Tektonic" person, however, I will back them on this one.

    I have a feeling that you have not waited long enough for the refund to be processed thru your credit card processor. Recogize that this is not an instant process.

    If I'm wrong, then alert your credit card company about a potential dispute. Don't go for a charge back, instead simply do not pay the charges and alert them you want a review of that transaction and all associated transacation IDs. If Tektonic's billing is any good, they have a confirmation number confirming the refund of your payment via their billing processor, and this number SHOULD be able to match something at your credit card companies end.

    Not paying those charges while they are in dispute can not affect your credit rating.

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