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    I am still developing the system for the webhosting and domain company. Most of the features are similar to what you see on softwares that are available for purchase. This system wont be used for distribution.

    I was wondering whether you thought it was worth even developing your own kit for the hosting and domain service. Since there are software available out there i still decided to making my own. The reason is because i dont like trusting third-party solutions too much or even at all, even though the control panel on the servers are third party.

    Its been almost a year now and really the point of the topic is to ask whether or not there is a need to make your own software. The solution i was after is to have a seperate staff and administration area etc... with an ordering system.

    Do any of you businesses have a custom built system? Or have you found a good solution for yourselves when it comes to hosting and domains?

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    Everything we do is custom built in PHP/MySQL on top of the Cobalt RaQ interface. We don't use ModernBill or any of the packages that people typically talk about on here.

    For us, it's more advantageous because we don't have to deal with other companies' coding errors, we can make everything work exactly how we want, and most importantly, it's easier for our customers to figure out. Then again, we deliberately limit ourselves to customers who are willing to pay reasonable prices for good support and who are willing to pay up-front for a year, so our system might not work for everyone.

    Aaron Greenspan
    President & CEO, Think Computer Corporation

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