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    Experienced technician for server setup


    We're looking for a technian to setup our FreeBSD server. It needs a view modifications as listed below.

    - Proper CPU setup (Recognize Dual Opteron)
    - Recompiled kernel to support 64BiT (Dual Opteron)
    - Software RAID0 installation (2x 73GB SCSI)
    - General Tweaking / Optimizations

    - Localhost setup
    - DNS setup
    - Apache tweaked to support large fora
    - Other tweaks upon request
    - Future contact?

    Basicly, we were misinformed about the system modifictaions above thus looking for a technician able to fix that now, if at all possible remotely. I can pay via PayPal. Please IRC or any other IM program for contact.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sybakaos
    - Recompiled kernel to support 64BiT (Dual Opteron)
    There is no standard way to update freebsd from 32bit to 64bit. You'd better ask DC to install the 64bit version of freebsd.

    - Software RAID0 installation (2x 73GB SCSI)
    I can do this if you provide me shell access to running system and empty (2x 73GB SCSI) disks.

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    Thanks for the responses, I've found a technician!

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