Bokskogsbackens Consulting is a Swedish company happy to offer C-panel shared hosting at a server located in London with good speed for European customers.

The server have Rvskins as skin for C-panel and it supports 22 languages *

The server also have Fantastico so you can install one of the 45+ ready scripts in some minutes.

We offer the following packages

Space: 70 MB
Bandwidth: 700 MB
5 emals, 1 sql db and 3 subdomains.
Price: 15/year or 2/month **
Setup: free

Space: 150 MB
Bandwidth: 120 MB
20 emals, 4 sql db and 10 subdomains.
Parked/addon domains. 1/1
Price: 20/year or 2,50/month **
Setup: free

Space: 300 MB
Bandwidth: 2400 MB
50 emals, 10 sql db and 20 subdomains.
Parked/addon domains. 2/2
Price: 31/year or 3,50/month **
Setup: free

Space: 600 MB
Bandwidth: 5000 MB
200 emals, 20 sql db and 50 subdomains.
Parked/addon domains. 4/4
Price: 48/year or 5/month **
Setup: free

If you need a package with other specifications or you have any other questions Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Or do you use Skype. My ID is hfohrmanx. .

We also offers domain names from 14. (2 years from 24).

For more info. Look at out homepage in English at

For ping tests to the server. Use as our own company page is at another server in US. As we believe that information is important for our customers we have our support-system, status page and e-mail independent of our server so we can continue to communicate with our customers whatever happens.
For download tests. Pleas send us an e-mail and we will respond with an address

* RVSkin support this languages.
English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese, Simplified-Chinese (GB), Traditional-Chinese (Big5), Polish, Italian, Arabic, Norwegian, Finnish, Indonesian, Korean, Slovenian, Japanese -shift_JIS and Japanese-euc-JS

** For EU customers not presenting a valid VAT number (= EU company) there will be a 25% EU VAT added to the above prices.

We accept payment with Paypal..
For yearly packages we also can offer CC payment via Payson Sweden. If so. Send us an e-mail.,