I am experiencing some very odd occurences with my RentaServer.
It runs Centros and WHM/Cpanel, all up-2-date.

A few Newby questions that I haven't been able to find by RTFM or FAQ:

1. My Server defaults to an Africa location no matter what I do. ( Instead of Australia)
I can initiate the change but it comes back Africa! Right time, though....

2. When checking mail via SMTP, the Server asks for one of the Personalty passwords every time. I have deleted it and re-installed it on both EudoraPro and the Server, without effect. Same thing happens with people in (3)

3. Two clients, only two, keep getting Site access problems to their domains. 20 other domains - no probs. I also run Karens NetMonitor by the hour with no problems showing up. Both used different machines, different browsers, one used different Net! ARNET ( Govt.)

Thanks, people.