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    I just got a server from VDI and while I was "testing" it, I found a small problem. Every time, I created an account, in the CPanel it said that "virtual hosting is not enabled" even though I specifically gave a certain number of ftp accounts.

    Does this has anything to do with the fact that I did not assign a specific IP to that site? Keep in mind that Telnet and SSH is working fine. And if so, is there ANY way to fix it?

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    Hi Boris

    It's becuase that account doesn't have an IP address, name based accounts (or IP Less) do not have the ability to have either subdomains or more FTP accounts, create one with an IP and you will se it works just fine
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    To avoid your clients from seeing this just create a new theme and take out that option. That's what I did. I have one cpanel theme for Ip based accounts (which includes the ftp account and subdomains feature) and one for ip-less based accounts.

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