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    The newest of Newbs

    Hi all,
    Just starting out and have a few basic questions.
    When using a web hosting service, lets say they list the cost as 4 bucks a month, and you get 5 gig's of space etc ...etc.. Now the question is, can I host more than one sight from that space or is it for just one domain registration and one web sight per that rented space??


    I basically want to have around 12 websights and I was wondering if I needed to buy more than one host location.

    Any help and advise is welcome

    Thanks again!!


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    Hi, Faseel

    You can host more sites with that space, if the package says Addon Domain.If they dont have 12 then ask for more, they can provide you with more some times for a small fee.

    Good Luck

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    list the cost as 4 bucks a month, and you get 5 gig's of space etc
    I know this wasn't your question...but I must comment...that's less than $1/gig, you probably aren't going to get anything close to decent service at that rate.
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    oh.. thank you

    No worries.. I will take all advise.. I don't think its against the rules.. but the company I was thinking about going with is Sight Puppy? Is there another place in the forum for hosting reviews??


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    Type in the name, and you might find some reviews on them

    I would recommend paying more than $4 for 5GB of disk space, you will not find a reliable host offering such prices.

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