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  1. #1 or phpArcadeScript

    I am trying to pick which one out of these two... can I get some suggestions/opinions as to which script I should go for?

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    There is a new one coming out soon from a highly popular developer. I can't remember the script name. I use both of the scripts you listed above and I think only phpArcadeScript continues to update their script. Not sure about gamescript as the company has been sold several times the last several months.

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    when will the new one come out? do you have any website info I can check out?

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    i will go for phparcadescript, since i m one of their first customers, their script is very easy to customise and its cheap. I don't have gamescript currently, but it seems the owners takes care of their business now, cuz the new version keeps coming out.

    Try to check out their forums and u will see which one is better.

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    any specials on phparcadescript recently?

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    The choice is clear.

    I was a Gamescript customer till it was sold to John D and he dropped the ball big time on it with the yearly license, encryption, and lack of went from #1 to last place IMHO.

    Gamescript has the hinderence of being encrypted, lacking in features and being passed around from owner to owner like a unwanted redheaded stop child.

    phpArcadeScript had been under the same owner/developer from the start. Has consistant support, has a ton more features then Gamescript and is consistantly being updated and is NOT encrypted in anyway. It is also CHEAPER.

    IMHO phpArcadeScript has left Gamescripts in the dust.

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    if you check the gamescript website, they are having many updates recently.

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    Gamescript has been updated a lot recently. It appears to be a really nice script. I'd buy it in a second but it's encoded. Unfortunately, I'm a customer of shockscript which is an encoded script. They haven't released a new version since forever and it's really starting to fall behind. I'd like to modify it and add new features but since the whole admin area is encoded, I'm stuck.
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