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    Shopping Cart / e-commerce for downloadables?

    We are putting up a small ringtone site and wanted to use a pre-done shopping cart solution. We will be adding some ringtones every once in a while that users can purchase either standalone or by subscription.

    What are some of the popular carts out there? Its been a while since I've been at those kinds of websites.

    Any flexible hosted services oriented towards downloadble content? I looked at monstercommerce, but it looks more retail, not online oriented.

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    osCommerce and Zencart are the two best if you can find someone who knows what they are doing with it. They are free carts and only supported on the forums is a small drawback. The benefit is that they have tons of contributions and plugins available for them that probably will meet your needs. But if you go with monstercommerce you are stuck with the functionality of that cart but free support

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    I would recommend osCommerce/Zen Card also with a contribution for downloads.
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    We have used with great success for managing software downloads in a shopping cart style.

    Works great, and the x-cart software is very well supported with an active community.

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