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    * [NEW/DISCOUNT] _33 Self Improvement Articles >Great as site/ebook/ecourse content/ETC

    33 'Self Improvement and Personal Development' articles (with 'Private Label' rights)

    Last week I ran a special offer/price here on 33 'Affiliate Marketing' articles, this time I offer you a discount on 33 articles on the subject of Self Improvement and Personal Development.
    > Each of which is optimized for a given keyword/topic
    > Each covers the most searched topics in the Self improvement area

    Examples of some of the things you can do with these articles:

    • Attach YOUR name to each of these articles; i.e. you may claim you are the writer!

    • RESELL them!*

    • Edit them to make them more 'you', and/or reconstruct them, edit them any way you want.

    • Use them as new content on your ('Adsense') site!

    • Make a (viral?) ebook out of them -with lots of affiliate links included, for example) that you can sell or give away.

    • Submit to article directories, potentially resulting in thousands of backlinks to your site(s).

    • Use the articles for newsletters or (mini) eCourses that people can subscribe to.

    • Use them as autoresponder content!

    • Split them and you'll have 66 articles to fill your web pages with

    • Set up a paid membership site and use the articles as content

    • ETC!

    Each article has between 700 - 850 words:

    01. Your 7 Days Program To Self Improvement
    02. Why Is It Important To Improve Your Self
    03. Unlock Your Self Improvement Power
    04. Motivation, The Heart Of Self Improvement
    05. Build Your Self Esteem; A Starter Guide To Self Improvement
    06. Harnessing Your Attraction Power
    07. Unleash Your Creative Thinking
    08. What Innovation Can Do To Your Life
    09. More Than One Way To Skin A Cat: Adventures In Creative Thinking (Creative Problem Solving)
    10. A Positive Attitude Can Change The World Around You
    11. Your 7 Days Program To Positive Thinking ("Enlightenment")
    12. The Road To Intuition
    13. Creating Effective And Efficient Relationships
    14. 10 Ways To Empower Your Communication
    15. 10 Ways To Start Taking Control - Time Management, Goal Setting, Record Tracking ("Who's The Boss?")
    16. Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easier Done
    17. Time Management And Personal Growth
    18. Your 7 Days Program To Stress Management
    19. Your Recommended Daily Dose Of Relaxation
    20. It's Time To Start A Healthy Life: Your 7 Days Program
    21. Make It Happen: Be A Leader
    22. Leadership Exposed: Things You Thought You Knew About Leadership
    23. Spiritual Growth: The Challenge Of Modern Times
    24. Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101
    25. Natural Medicine Can Help You
    26. Why Coaching Is The Way To Go In Team Management
    27. Life Mapping: A Vision Of Success
    28. Dream Your Life
    29. Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric, And Reiki
    30. How To Be Genuinely Happy
    31. Enjoy Your Life: Change Your Point Of View
    32. 10 Inspirational Quotes Than Can Improve Yourself
    33. To Go Or Not To Go Herbal, That's The Question

    *To be eligible for my special temporary FORUM DISCOUNT PRICE of $24.95 (instead of the $32.95 that this article pack will go for on soon), I request that you do not resell these articles on any domain-forums, marketing forums, and webhosting/webmaster forums.

    Because this is a temp. offer that may get indexed by search engines (and thus people could come across this offer long after it has expired, maybe trying to order it), please first check HERE to see if this offer is indeed still valid. If it is, then you can order this package for $24.95) via the email address listed on that particular page.
    With your payment, make sure to include your forum name, and also specify that your payment is for the '33 Self Improvement and Personal Development' articles.
    Soon after having received your payment, I will then PM you the link where you can download the articles.

    Questions? Send me a PM and I will be with you shortly!

    Bless Ya!


    Article License Terms:

    [YES] Can Be edited any way you want and have your name put on it
    [YES] Can be packaged
    [YES] Can be given away (when edited, or compiled into an ebook first!)
    [YES] Can be offered as a bonus (when edited, or compiled into an ebook first!)
    [YES] Can be used as web content
    [YES] Can be broken down into smaller articles
    [YES] Can be added to paid membership sites as content
    [YES] Can be added to an eCourse or autoresponder as content
    [YES] Can be sold through auction sites
    [YES] Can be sold with Resale Rights (i.e. your buyers may also resell these articles to others)
    [YES] Can be sold with Master Resale Rights (i.e. your buyers' customers can also resell these articles to others)
    [YES] Can be sold with Private Label Rights (i.e. your buyers may then also edit the articles/put their names on it)
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    do you sell these articles to more than one person.


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    Yes I do.

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    Offer will end within the next couple of hrs. After that, the articles will be available from me through my site at the full price of $32.95.


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