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    Arrow I know this has probably been asked before

    But i searched on the forums, and there where alot of mixed answers.

    If there an official list of the top 5 managed hosts?

    What are some of the top 5 you would choose, if you had too?

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    I am not sure why you have mixed answers? Might be you made a search about "managed server" but around $100/month? It's not really a fully managed server. Check out their management plans

    For fully managed server, many people saying about rackpsace, datapipe, fastservers, servint and liquidweb. You can make a search about them.

    I personally recommend cyberwurx team. I dont use their managed server service, but colo there. The true 24/7 supporting service. You cant go wrong with them

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    I don't think there's an official list of the top 5 managed hosts in here.... different people have different views and opinions about their hosts..... I may say my host is the worst but others may see it differently. Either case you should do a thoroughly search about them in here and the decision is up to you.

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    There is not going to be the Top 5 Managed Hosts (only some kind of ratings guide would be able to give you this information). People only have preferred managed providers.

    The DedicatedNow folks have been pretty good at helping us with our problems and their servers are top-notch!

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    There are no Top 5 Managed Hosts, only a top 5 host for you

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    Depends entirely on your budget. If money was no option, I'm sure rackspace would be in nearly everybody's top 5.

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    You also have to read the fine print for what some hosting companies consider a "managed server". Sometimes what a hosting provider considers a "managed server" is something other that what you may consider as managed. This is especially the case with some lower cost providers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blapto
    If money was no option, I'm sure rackspace would be in nearly everybody's top 5.
    They wouldn't be in my top 5 list at all (from previous experience).

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    Managed Server and Self Managed Servers are totally different. What about other issues such as firewalls, who rolls out security patches, who performs backups, how is it backed up, who does OS upgrades? -- is it even done --

    95% of Managed Hosting is really self managed and a basement price
    fully manage is a premum and costs more
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    I would like to have and in the top five.

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