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    Thumbs up FREE Modernbill Lic./No monthly payments + Reseller Account

    We are offering our reseller plans a modernbill Lic. with your reseller account at
    not cost to you, that is correct, not cost to you at not time, we have the ultimate
    packages ready to go.

    Said good bye to those monthly fee and let us take over them....

    cPanel w/Fantastico & RVSkin
    Modernbill Lic. with your plan

    There is NO HIDDEN FEES!

    All you will pay is 10.00 dollars setup fee and you reseller account will be setup
    along with your modern bill Lic. to start your business ASAP.

    After your account is setup, you could select any of our reseller packages and pay as you go.

    Modernbill Lic. is for 50 users and could be upgrade at any time after you have your Lic. filled with 50 paying accounts.
    After your MB Lic. is setup we do not refund your setup fee.

    You need to keep 5 paying accounts on ANY PACKAGE in order to keep your reseller account open.
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    so are you trying to say i can get a modernbill 50 user license, for the price of your reseller account + $10? What do you mean by keeping 5 paying accounts on any package to keep the reseller account open?

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    That is correct, you get the MB account for 50 users and there is not monthly fee on your account as long you keep 5 reseller accounts packages active.

    If you have more than 50 accounts you will get a Full (Unlimited Clients) as long you are a reseller.

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    Hey this is too tempting... any hidden costs ? You mean to say the user needs to have 5 reseller accounts on ur server, which means 10 x 5 =50$ ONE TIME payment ?

    And could you pl tell how much web space can the reseller have and the bandwidth ?

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    Sorry, I was busy setting up accounts.

    No hidden cost at all.
    Here it's how it works:

    You get a reseller account for CERO monthly fee to host only your own website.
    The reseller account includes the following:

    1.5 GB of space of hosting
    30GB of bandwidth
    Unlimited features....

    You will pay: $0.00

    Now for the modernbill you will paid $10.00 dollars setup fee (no monthly require)
    After that you account will be setup with an MB lic.

    All you have to do is keep 5 reseller accounts witch we have in our reseller hosting plans.

    Our plans are as follow:

    -------< RESELLER PLANS >--------

    To keep your MB active you need any plan hosted by your own company.

    If you have already a MB account and more than 5 accounts it's an excellent hosting plan.

    We will match you current reseller plans and create the same accounts for you if you decide to transfer your current accounts to our services or we could make a deal with a nice space and you create your own packages. It's up to you.

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    Is the service run off just one or more than one server? It would be good to provide us with their connections settings. Much as this is a good deal, I still think there is some conditions to it aside from having to have 5 active accounts.

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    The Lic. is for one reseller account with one server as for MB Lic. is original.

    The reason people get intimidated with the offer is because nobody had offer the same thing I'm doing yet, The $10.00 dollars you paid is to cover the Lic. the first time.

    Other than that, again there are not hidden fees. You paid as you go your reseller accounts or space and we paid for your MB Lic. Monthly.

    I hope it help you decide to place the order with

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