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    Review - Hosting Questions

    I have been researching web hosting sites for awhile and the more I read and asked the more confused I got. So, I have posted a few questions on this board. I followed everyones suggestions to my posts and others. I finally decided to ask more questions on different sites to see how they responded. What a joke. Either their live person wasn't on-line, left messages with no response back or just evasive answers.

    This is why I wanted to give this pre-hosting review for Global WebBrands.

    I went to Global Web Brands and talked with Dean, he was very imformative. He answered all my questions quickly. I asked for suggestions, he didn't hestitate to give me answers. I explained what I needed and he didn't tell me the most expensive plan, he asked some questions and suggested a plan that would cater to my needs. He was patient with all the questions and concerns I had.

    Thank you....Global WebBrands!!!!

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    Hello, JaciD

    Im glad to here that you are doing your research before jumping in.

    Good Luck with all.

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    Pre-hosting? Do you plan on signing up with them or you just tested their live support?

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    Good to hear about your "pre-hosting" experience.

    Waiting to hear about your "post-hosting" one
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    Glad to hear that the response you obtained was great, it would help if you could post a couple of responses you received from other hosts you researched as well.
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    Hi JaciD!

    I'm glad to hear that you had a good experience! We do our very best to make sure we can objectively help everyone out there. Thanks for posting about your experience with us!
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