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    Info on mydomain

    I would like to know about Mydomain. They seem to be a reseller.

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    They are hosted at savvis.

    They have nameservers at,, and shows that they know what they're doing in regards to dns.

    On each of those ip addresses, many other nameservers are registered. My guess is they give their reseller customers private nameservers on each of those hosts.

    Their domain was registered on August 7, 1995. They probably know what they're doing, being around that long.

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    I have one domain name registered with them and have had no problems thus far. I have only had to contact support once via email and they replied about a day later.

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    A good place to look up info for a domain is

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    Quote Originally Posted by yghosting
    A good place to look up info for a domain is
    I Agree with yghosting

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    Mydomain appears to have trouble "fixing" things.

    See some comments on this at

    I would stay away from Mydomain.

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