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    Hosting gambling content

    I recently got a dedicated server that is located in the US. I have several customers hosting sites on this box. A couple of the sites are "gambling content" sites. They are NOT gambling sites, like actual sportsbooks or casinos. One is purely information about sportsbooks and allows people to research sports picks. The other is someone selling their picks online.

    My question is: Is it legal for me to be hosting these sites on my server? Am I in jeopardy of getting into any trouble hosting these sites?

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    The first one doesn't seem to be a legal threat. The second one is borderline on the legal scale. I can't say from personal experience but as always you should consult an attorney since the law is constantly changing.

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    They both seem perfectly legal, however you should always consult a lawyer., Superb Cpanel Web Hosting.
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    Nothing is illegal about hosting informational sites on gambling. You would only run into problems if the server actually hosted gambling games where money traded hands.
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