We are in need for a graphics designer for one of our automotive-themed websites. The project will consist of the following:

1) Header - Approx. 740x100
2) Animated Banner - Approx. 395x60
3) Animated Banner - Approx. 300x60
4) Animated Banner - Approx. 155x200
5) Animated Banner - Approx. 155x100
6) Small Logo - Approx. 155x155
7) Small Logo - Approx. 80x80

Our deadline for this project is early next week, so you must be able to work within these time constraints. May consider Flash graphics if the price/quality is within our budget. Payment will be via PayPal.

Again, I must emphasise, this is an Automotive-Themed project, so any previous experience/portfolio on this theme will prove an advantage.

If you are interested in taking up this project, please email us with your OFFERS: [email protected]