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    Hosting Company For Sale/With Design


    I'm selling a hosting company that never really got off the ground due to not having enough time to devote to it. Here is the information:

    Number Of Clients: 1

    I've developed a new design for the site, that was to really push the promotion I was planning on doing along with my group to get this hosting division off the ground, but eventually it never panned out. The site got one customer in it's current form now.

    The new design we were launching is located below:

    Practically all the pages are developed except for a couple, so you get an impressive design that you can really push with.

    What I'm selling exactly:

    1) Domain name ( registered with dotster
    2) 1 client ($9.95/month) paid via Paypal for the advanced package
    3) The new design with PSD, and flash source files (this design cost me $800)

    Stats: See Screenshot below

    I'm looking basically to cover the costs of the new design at least. Basically you would have to transfer the site to your own server, inform the new customer of the new billing for his account and take it over from there.

    Any offers over $800 will be considered. Payment via Paypal.

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    I really hate to break this to you mate but design costs are sunk costs (ie. unrecoverable)

    The value in a hosting company is their clients.
    NCL Hosting

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    So be it, but this is a never used design, brand new, therefore it would be sold as new design along with the domain name, there is still value in that. It's not a template, and it's not a recycled design therefore I would be looking for some sort of compensation for this with the sale (as the site has a currently active design) but what I'm offering as an upsale is a new one to give it more umph. The initial design, the one that is "current" I can see a sunk cost, but not one that was never launched, that still has value to me as it's not what the site is currently.

    Perhaps it should not have been labelled then as a company, as I mentioned it hardly ever got off the ground. This sale is more for someone who wants a nice domain name + some traffic + new design to re-launch the site as their own hosting company. So if any mods are seeing this, perhaps a move to the design/templates section for sale would be better.

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    NCL Hosting,

    These sort of threads are for bidding on sites not giving opinions on what you think the offers. If you had comments you could have PMed the user. From what I read here he is selling a unique design, and a site getting traffic. I don't think a price should be solely based on the amount of clients. Anyone can take that design and that traffic and turn it into income witht he right marketing plan.

    Good luck with selling adscas77.
    Alvin Slocombe
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    I don't feel that your company is worth over $800 or remarkly even close to that price range. You got some site traffic and 1 customer paying $9.99 per month. I don't feel that your new design throws what your trying to give to the customer and I feel that new design is very unprofessional and I would rather choose your current design than your new one and I'm sure half of us would vouch for that.

    I have sent you a pm of what I would like and a good price range to fit that company and I have even set a good price range for as well. I would really be interested in buying this company but not the design if you don't wish to accept it then fine no problem good luck with your sale.

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    I am interested in buying your client, but I'm not really interested in anything else.

    PM me if you are interested.

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    Ok, pm received and will reply shortly.

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    If you are refering to me, I will wait for your reply.
    Also I would have some more questions but I prefer to wait for your reply.

    Thank you

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    I replied, please ask your questions via PM, further communication can be done there and not via Thread.


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    The sale is no longer valid, decided to just keep it, as concerns arose whether the client would cancel making the sale not worth it, and in case he does, and since I have no control over that, I'll just keep it. I do appreciate the comments, pm's and offers sent.

    A mod can lock this thread now.


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    I'd be interested in purchasing the domain name and possibly the logo... but thats all. Please let me know via PM if its still available.
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