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    Matter of Opinion - Review Requested

    Hello everybody,

    I'm maikeru from IRC, I don't like forums much, thus my lack of posting. Anyway, I maintain a blog (though I am not the author of the material) and wanted to know what everyone thinks.

    It started October 16 and so far we have received over 50 (unique) visitors, and many continue returning.

    Anyway, without further ado, Matter of Opinion!

    Enjoy and thank you in advance,
    Michael Schade A.K.A. Maikeru

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    The Ville
    clean and feel good design. nice
    My Portfolio:

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    I agree! Your blog has a good, clean feel to it and the design is perfect for a personal blog.

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    Thank you everybody that has responded so far and I appreciate you taking your time to give opinions.

    Thanks again!

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    Hmm, any other comments?

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    I'll take that as a no?

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