Hi there!

ImageSharing.com has taken off quite nicely in the past weeks.

Here are stats from the morning of the 25th

(I'm currently at school where they block cPanel access, I'll post the SS of the 75,000 uniques when I get home, or upon request. You can tell though in that screen shot even, that the number of visits compared to hits is TOTALLY disproportional, meaning for only 634,000 hits we already got 21K uniques, where all the other days had 3Million hits with those same amount of uniques.

What you are bidding on is the 468x60 ad spot beneath the Upload button
I want to replace that with a static ad. With adsense, it gets over 300 clicks daily (proof shown upon request)

I already have an offer of $500 per month for the spot, but I'm here to test the waters, and see if someone would pay more for it.

The Alexa Rank weekly average is 82,941, and the page has a PR of 5.

Also, I am selling banner ads on the bottom of the page for $50/month, and text links for $25/month.

PM me or post here if you are interested!

Thanks, and look forward to working with you!