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    Takeover my Layeredtech server. P4 2.8ghz 200gig x2 harddisk

    Anyone want to take over my server?
    P4 2.8ghz
    1gig ram
    2x 200gig harddisk
    13 ips
    Cpanel included
    Monthly payment is $122.

    I only wish to get some of my setup fee back as I only had this server for few mths only. I am asking only $80 to transfer this server to you.
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    you failed to mention how much transfer per month

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    Ok I contacted you 2 days ago and have heard nothing

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    The bandwidth is 1000gig.

    jxhosting: i did not recieve your pm, please send another pm. thanks
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    Hey, can you get on AIM please?

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