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    Liquidweb vs Eurovps?

    I am currently using Eurovps. It is good but the bad thing is it don't have Fantastico and it is more costly and less bandwidth that Liquidweb.

    Could anyone share their experiences on which VPS Hosting is better? And in terms of support/technology etc, any comments on which is the better one? My client needs Fantastico, so will it be more expensive if I add the cost of fantastico onto my Eurovps cost?

    Eurovps is using 100TX network which Liquidweb is using 1.5? Which is better connection and has better network?

    Any advise which should I choose? Thank you!

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    Eurovps is based on a europe network and Liquidweb is based on a USA network if you got much client located in europe than did you have by eurovps the fastes connection you can get in europe.

    Also how much is the cost if you add fantastico on a eurovps account ?
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    I'm hosting with eurovps and theres nothing in the world that would cause me to change. I never have a problem and our server is always up. We always have quick support and the servers are extremely high quality.

    I think i remember Igor telling me a while ago they don't offer fantastico because of something dealing with the licensing. I forget though.

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    Please contact Sales to determine Fantastico availability
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    Hi jacksony,

    I'm not sure what you mean by "1.5" network. You can read about our datacenter's connections here: - our VPS servers are connect at 100Mbit Full Duplex.
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    Thanks EuroVPS for clarifying things with me! They do support Fantastico as an ADD ON and they have clarified with me and even offered to install it for me immediately for my server for my clients at a low cost! I apologize for the mixed up in communication.

    Now that the issue is solved and I will like to take this time to commend EuroVPS for their excellent support and services!

    For the last week my previous Host Provider suddenly terminated their contract with the datacenter and I was in a rush of time to find a replacement server for my clients on a WEEKEND!

    I thought I was dead meat but I contacted EuroVPS and within minutes they contacted me back and offered to help me get the new server set up fast and all accounts transferred and DNS all set up. They even give me directions on how to continue from there as I am the first time using VPS. But i really appreciate their fast and efficient service. My server was up in less than 30 minutes!

    Straight after that, I have to go for business duty and won't have access to computer (SSH) to do transfer of my other clients or to do all the editing. But I contacted their help desk and they kindly help me to access through SSH to my root to do the administration transfer for me. Although they do sound slightly irritated by my constant requesting of help for the past week (as I am away), but they still offered to help me (I do know that additional help needs money.. time=money.. and I do not blame them for that.

    I thank them for all they have done for me, and surely recommend anyone requiring a VPS to enjoy the great quality of services with me together!

    Thank you!

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    I used to recommend LW.

    My first VPS with them on Fidora runs great.

    My second one they just set up on CENos does not run great.

    They also do not offer a money back guarantee on the VPS accounts.

    If Eurovps has been good to you, I suggest you stay with them.

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    I posted a bit more detailed review on another thread, and will write a summary here.

    Liquidweb's network and machine quality is top notch. That, you should not have anydoubt about.

    But, if support is really important for you, I would advise you to think twice...

    Their support is somewhat slow, and you don't always get satisfactory results, and need to keep pushing till you get a proper answer/resolution. There was a time where I needed to file 2-3 tickets to get one issue resolved. Another time, I had to exchange like 10-15 e-mails to fix an issue, and at the end I was told that it is not possible to fix the issue. Later, I found out that it is possible to fix it, and found how to fix it on some forum...

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